The Secret Behind Success of Executives, Start-Ups and Small Business

The Secret Behind Success of Executives, Start-Ups and Small Business

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As an executive, you’ve got lots of things to do and much more to achieve. Along with mainstream works, you also have many supporting tasks like online research, filings, necessary purchases, recruitment and accounting.

A virtual assistant is not a machine or robot like Google Assistant. He/she is a human being who knows urgency, grasps details, prioritize activities, offers intelligent aid for you to reach your target.

Given below are a few important tasks that can be assigned to Virtual Assistants:

We compile reports and data that will need to be referred to at some point of time after. Organizing files and storing data in appropriate searchable format is a full time job. You may clarify this to your VA and he/she will take care of this. They will organize your documents; keep in appropriate folders, and save your time for more important functions.
Customer Support
You might need to speak to some customer service and waste lots of time in waiting or being kept on hold. Ask the VA to do this task for you and help you save time.

On the other hand, you may also have some customers to support who are important and need to be given priority, but due to lack of time you are not able to spend enough time together. Ask the VA to support these clients on priority, respond to them immediately, help them understand the product and resolve their queries at appropriate level or move to the next level.

You have a great deal of receipts and invoices that will need to be set in a spreadsheet or compiled properly. If you leave these unattended for long time, they’ll cause unnecessary headache and anxiety.

Book Appointments/Online Shopping
You may ask your VA to book appointments and reservations for you. If a mutual trust grows, you may also ask them to do online shopping for you or for your small firm. The VA’s will do the needful and share report with you.

Online Research:
For any business or personal purposes, you may need to conduct an online research for a fantastic app for your business, a wonderful product for your company, a great present for your nears and dears, some material for writing, a few articles to share with your colleagues, or anything other than this, you may simply give instructions to your VA and he/she will conduct the research for you and present the content in a skilled and sophisticated way, saving lots of time for you.

Business Presentations
You have to generate some presentation for your organization but also have lots of other things to do. Give the idea to your VA and ask him/her to do research, compile and put in a PPT presentation for your review. You may make changes as per your need and this is completed.

As an executive, you also have to employ and support your staff. Take help from your VA in searching Resume DB, fix interviews and follow up with candidates. You might even request your VA to support your team as and when desired and save collective time of your team.

In the event you or your company is located in a bi-lingual area or you have clients in foreign countries, you can take help of your bi-lingual VA to encourage you and your staff with translation functions and supply bi-lingual company documentation support.
Data Entry
Data entry, for personal or business functions, is required regularly but is also least productive and most time consuming work. You can’t get rid of it, but definitely you can take help from your VA to complete the task for you.

Writing & Proofreading
You may ask your VA to prepare content or write blogs and posts for you as per your needs. Or you could write yourself and ask the VA to assess grammar, sentence structure and other things. The VA may use tools such as Grammerly and send you the final article, ready to print.

News Monitor, Summarize and Clipping Service
Share your interests and needs, languages and locations, and the VA or his/her team will monitor the information, articles, essays printed in that language and place and share summary with you. A whole lot of rich data and useful information can be gathered for personal or business use.

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